Briggs Surratt Absent from Area 3 NAJYRC 1* Team

Briggs Surratt Absent from Area 3 NAJYRC 1* Team

TW has waited on providing details of the apparent absence of Briggs Surratt and Hat Trick from the Area 3 NAJYRC J* Team. While it was announced in May that Briggs had made the team, it was a premature announcement.

Briggs and Hat Trick were vying for the 2 Star Team this year and had a successful season at the Intermediate level. Briggs had finished 14th with zero cc faults In the OI at Ocala in Feb and finished 5th with zero cc faults in the IR at Rocking horse that same month.
In a brilliant go at Red Hills in the CIC 2 Star, Briggs came home with zero faults cc and some time penalties to finsh 28th overall and 5th as a junior. This course took out 25% of the CIC 2 Star field cc.

While the CCI 2 Star was not a go, Briggs opted to retire on course, it was then the intention to fall back to competing on the 1 Star Team for NAJYRC’s as he was qualified with a 19th in the CCI 1 Star at Ocala in 2014 and finishing two CIC 1 Stars with zero faults and 11 prelims with zero cc faults since 2013.

In a decision to do a run before the announcement, Briggs ran Hat Trick at the May Chatt Hills and passed by a cc jump to get a TE. He was redirected to Poplar Place for a OP run and had a big jump into the second water placing him on the neck of Hat Trick and holding on for sixty seconds before stepping down – RF.

A calamity of bad luck had Briggs at Full Gallop where Hat Trick sprung a shoe approaching the water and upon noticing, Briggs pulled up to retire.

TW was at a loss and knew that all this bad luck would not look good for Briggs. The plan to get a good run at Chatt Hills week 1 and 2 was the plan, but a call from the Area 3 Selectors took any hope of making the team away.

Briggs had earned a spot and had shown full commitment and ability at a level above. While he was disappointed, he took the news in stride and moved to scratch Hat Trick from Chatt Hills and instead compete his 5 year old and redirect to the USEA YEH 5 YO Championships at Fair Hill in October.

Briggs has had the experience of the Selection Process and even if bad luck hits which has nothing to do with capability, you must move on and keep our head up. We are very proud of this young man.
Rick said: “Both Briggs and Parker Miller are the real deal. They have grit and determination and I am proud to coach both of them. Briggs and Parker both have been met with adversity in this sport and both have acted as adults in the way they handle themselves.”

Briggs is cheering for his teammate Parker Miller and will be watching her represent TW and Area 3 at the NAJYRC’s.

The Go Fund Me money raised by Briggs has been re-directed to the YEH Championships and TW will keep you updated on this endeavor.

Thanks for all the support and GO TW Juniors.