Another Successful Weekend for Team Wallace

Another Successful Weekend for Team Wallace

Elisa Wallace, Rick Wallace, and TWS student Briggs Surratt. Missing from picture is Parker Miller, who won 4th in Junior Novice on Jos Baco.[/caption]Well another successful weekend for TWS and TWN. We have a two week rest until heading to Rocking Horse Staples Horse Trials later in February. Things are progressing well. I am proud of my daughter’s performance on Dr. Spillane’s Corteo and Eric Hooper’s horse, Ginskh and her student Katie Bartz with her Training/Novice performance on As you Wish.

Preparation is key as we all know. Ultimate Victory aka Cody put in a great performance at the Advanced/Intermediate division. He put in a solid dressage test while I was a frozen ice block at the end of the test. He scored a 31.6 and jumped around a clean advanced stadium. The intermediate cc went well even though we had the sun blinding us on some of the course. Ready for the Advanced go in two weeks. TWN student Katie Bartz earned 4th place with As You Wish in open Training/Novice at Poplar Place Farm

Ultimate Decision aka Mark wowed me with his incredible performance in the Training dressage with a 25.7. Mark certainly knows how to demand attention. While new to the scene, he is getting stronger but needs additional work with his canter to gain confidence over the stadium jumps. He had a brilliant cross country but it will be back to Novice until we establish a confident and balanced stadium performance.

Briggs Surratt and Hat Trick had a great go and Briggs finished 3rd in his debut at the Training level. Hat Trick looks every bit the part of an eventer. Briggs had some lapse of memory in the dressage portion and went off course twice but still managed a 35.4 – he would have had a 32.4. A super double clear stadium and a clean jumping cross country round landed in in 3rd in the Junior Training division. No doubt he will be able to achieve wins at this level.

Parker Miller had their debut at Novice. She and Jos Baco had a great weekend finishing on their dressage score of 33 to finish 4th in the Junior Novice division. This pair brings a huge smile to my face as I watch them perform. Baco was a gentleman and made not one mis-step. Good piloting by Parker brought them home with no mistakes.

Great job to everyone and thanks to my students, their parents, Marcie T. Miller and Andy Surratt and my daughter, Elisa Wallace and her student, Katie for all their help. TW was fully represented.